The Home Service Capacity Blueprint

Resources for you to measure your company, personal and departments capacity.

Measure & Optimize Capacity

Are you an entrepreneur working on maximizing your business, your team and yourself? This worksheet defines the most common tips to measuring capacity. 

  1. Organizational Capacity: Assessing the opportunities of your service area, service portfolio and potential growth bottlenecks.
  2. Individual Capacity: Awareness in the skills you need to master your business today, build the systems for tomorrow and practicing the skills you’ll need to acquire as you scale.
  3. Department Capacity: Knowing the current and future demands of each department, how to identify bottlenecks and optimize process to be proactive in your growth.

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Plan like a franchisor. Knowing the opportunity your market presents allows you to better plan and execute your vision.

Department Capacity KPIs

3 Steps To Measuring Success

Your ability to measure the success of each department is a direct reflection of your leadership and individual capabilities. Each of these three steps presents a different challenge. Mastery of consistent reporting will raise your awareness, improve communication and create desire in your team. Here’s How.

  1. EASY: Knowing what to track is easy. The downloadable document below shows the most common KPIs my clients are tracking and reviewing each week. Some track all this, others track most of it and some track more. Find what works for you then move to step 2.
  2. MODERATE: Figuring out how to track your KPIs varies on the technology you’re using. Every CRM has their own methods to pull data. Every marketing agency shares their data differently. Ask your industry and CRM forums or support about how to get the reports you need.
  3. HARD: I’ve seen hundreds of examples where a business owner knows what to track, builds a system for tracking it but fails to be consistent in holding team members accountable to the data. This is where you are most likely to fail. 

The reason most people fail in consistency is because leadership is a choice and a habit that’s easy to overlook when our days are spent reacting and putting out fires. 

It’s never too early to practice running meetings and leading your team.

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