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Chart of Accounts

Our API pulls your past 12 months data to set the standard for planning. Knowing where you’re going is easier when you know where you’ve been.


The foundation of planning is in the setup. Our API connects to complete your past 12 months sales by % to advance your starting point. In this tab you’ll be creating the high-level goals you’ll use to create your budget.


This is where the magic happens. Calculating your sales comes down to 6 metrics. Connect with your CRM to accurately track the past 12 months and influence your next 12. Your entire operational infrastructure is calculated in this magical tab.


This is the API muscle. We pull your past 12 months data from your QBO account to give you a baseline for calculating your future growth scenarios. Calculate your numbers as a % or $ amount to forecast any scenario for growth.


Fine tune your numbers with Data Adjustments. If you purchase materials, products or equipment in bulk, this tab will allow you to dedicate your spend to a particular month instead of annualized across 12 months.


The budget tool calculates where you want to be (Leading Metric). The API pulls your actual data (Trailing Metric). With our AI profit coach, you’ll have access to learn what may be causing you to miss your goals.

Past 12 Months

Planning works best with accurate data. By looking at where you’ve been, it’s easier to identify areas of improvement. Start here!


Do you ever wonder how other businesses in your industry, sales range and geography perform in their KPIs? The performance tool allows you to see how your business performs against anonymous businesses who do exactly what you’re doing.

Marketing Calendar

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary entrepreneurs is the art of being proactive. A marketing calendar allows you to plan your lead generation strategy as it relates to your sales arc and sales goal.


What do your sales need to be to break even? If you own a seasonal business, revenue and expenses are volatile. Staying ahead of your expenses and sales is the best way to stay profitable or keep your infrastructure consistent with your demand and sales.

Future Planning & Exit Strategy

Do you ever wonder how much your business will be worth when you’re ready to sell? How about how much money you need to reinvest or how you’re going to utilize your distributions? Answer all these questions in the Future Planning Tool.

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