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If you’re like most home service industries, you probably find it difficult to engage your customers when they’re not ready to buy your products and/or services. At ClickCallSell, our objective is not to consistently push the message of sales, but education. What is it about your industry that is interesting and engaging to readers? Finding the answer to that question is what we bring to our Social Media Marketing Strategies.
What’s Included With Our Services?

Top Down Social Media Strategy

Unique, quality content is hard to find for most home service companies. Often, agencies will write posts, content or ads for consumers only to realize their efforts or articles were never read or even opened. As a small business, there is no need for you to talk about unique topics that have never been discussed. For this reason, we work in a Top-Down social media environment. By creating industry pages that share quality content to a wide audience, your business is promoted as the authority in your service area. We also offer exclusivity and will never allow multiple companies in your space to compete with our content. You will own and benefit from the message and branding that comes with our efforts.

Page Optimization

Have you ever wondered what social media marketing companies do to make their clients so much better than average? We believe in consistency, conversions and user experience. Our page optimization strategy is based on what matters most to your business, conversions. Your social media account will be audited and fixed to meet our guidelines. It will become a local authority in our top-down social strategy. We share best practices on photos and content you can share. This will greatly create brand trust and awareness in your business.

Pixel and Page Retargeting

Facebook retargeting has proven to be one of the most popular methods of reaching out to your website visitors who did not convert. We capitalize on their behavior and create a specific retargeting message to each user to ensure the greatest chance for a conversion. To make all this happen, we’ll get to know your customers and how they act, where they shop and what the typical buying cycle is for your industry.

Private Facebook Groups

These groups have become the most powerful tool for information sharing on the web. Every day, thousands of people just like you are taking to social media to learn best practices, places to buy products, equipment, where to hire technicians and what media’s work the best for lead generation. One thing that scares several of these users is fear that a competitor is watching you and mimicking all your moves. We do not allow multiple service companies to occupy a space. On our social media channel, you will be free to share any information and get expert advice from others just like you who are running your exact business in a town or neighborhood far away from yours.

Social Media advertising in today’s world is a look into the future. As consumers, we are all building our bubbles filled with content we like, agree with and want to see. It’s our job to find those bubbles and create content that is effective and powerful. With Social Media content and advertising, we can influence the behavior of an audience and help guide them to various best around the home tips, tricks and clever ways to make home life simpler and more affordable.

Your products fit into one of these social bubbles. What can you do today to increase engagement with the consumers who matter most to you? Find common ground and educate, that’s it!

For a free consultation and assessment of your social media strategy, give us a call at 513-818-9469 or email us anytime.

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ClickCallSell Provides a full service digital marketing partnership using all available internet marketing verticals to prospective customers and service providers through consumer intent, behavioral targeting and the buying cycle of products and services of companies across the United States.

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