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Best Call Center For Home Service Companies in 2022

best call center home service business

Best Call Center for Home Service Companies

You are on a ladder, in a crawlspace, or driving to the next job. The phone is ringing off of the hook. 

You either a) ignore the calls and call them back later hoping that they haven’t already hired your competitor, or b) answer the call and create a potentially dangerous situation for yourself.

Sound familiar? 

Every small business owner goes through a season where call volumes increase. This should be a joyous time as it shows that business is going well, but it can be stressful if you are unable to field those calls properly.

Enter Jill’s Office.

What does Jill’s Office do?

Jill’s Office is a call center that works mainly with home service companies. 

call center for home service companies

Who is going to be answering your calls?

This is what sets Jill’s Office apart from other call centers. Jill’s Office has all US based virtual receptionists that they refer to as their “Jill’s”. The Jill’s are all incredibly friendly and very competent at their job.

As they proclaim the “Jill’s” are fueled by donuts and caffeine to constantly WOW your customers with their sweet charm!

What tasks can Jill’s Office handle?

Jill’s Office handles much more than simply answering your phones if you want them to. In addition to answering the phone they can do the following:

  • Give estimates
  • Follow-up on leads
  • Schedule jobs
  • Collect payments
  • Respond to Google reviews
  • Respond to Facebook messages
  • Data entry
  • Much more

What softwares are the Jill’s trained in?

Being that Jill’s Office is has a lot of clientele in the home services space they are trained in the following CRM’s:

What are the benefits of having a call answering service?

Every time that you do not answer the phone you are losing money. It’s that simple. You spend money on marketing, customers call, you don’t answer and they just call the next company they find on Google.

When you hire Jill’s Office you can rest easy knowing that your calls are being answered every time that phone rings. It is such a stress reliever having that confidence.
A 2007 study by showed that contacting a lead within the first 5 minutes after their inquiry is 21x more effective than calling after 30 minutes.

It also gives your company a more professional look when a client calls and you have a “Jill” answer the phone with a pleasant voice and using a script that you create with them.

How much does Jill’s Office cost?

The cost of Jill’s Office depends on your plan. The plans start as low as $39 a week and go up. 

If you were to hire a receptionist for your company you would have their payroll, payroll taxes and benefits, etc. Jill’s Office is only charging you when they are working so you are not paying for downtime!

The real question you should ask yourself is how much it will cost to not hire them. Remember, every time that phone rings and you don’t answer or you do and don’t sound professional because you are in the middle of something, you are losing money.

Jill’s Office is a service that makes you money in our opinion.


With the upcoming holiday season most companies are going to have an onslaught of phone calls and requests for work. Jill’s Office can help you focus on running your business while they turn your calls into cash.

ClickCallSell is a digital marketing company for the exceptional home service entrepreneur. We partner with companies like Jill’s Office to bring our clients the best the industry has to offer. 

If you have questions about Jill’s Office or would like to see how we can help you with your website design, Google Ads, Facebook Ads or SEO, you can book a Good Fit call.


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