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Free Guide For Creating The Perfect Landing Page

Want to create The Perfect Landing Page?

If you are reading this, that means that our landing page worked! 🙂 

Now, learn how to convert your website visitors as well.

To Catch A Fish, You Need A Sharp Hook

In this case, our hook was the offer to teach you how to build The Perfect Landing Page. When you are creating your landing page it is important to have your hook in mind. 

How are you going to get your ideal customer to take action to ever make it to your landing page?

Have A Headline That Is Focused On The Benefit

Roughly 70% of people that visit your page will bounce.

That means that your headline needs to clearly communicate the benefit they will receive within seconds of them landing on the page. Our headline was “Free Guide For Creating The Perfect Landing Page”.

Use An Image Related To The Offer

First of all, having an image is not an option. The purpose of the image is to show the feeling that someone will receive once they receive your offer. The image below from WISE Coatings is a perfect example of an image showing the feeling the customer received from having their garage floor coated.

Example of Perfect Landing Page Image

Copy That Sells

If you do not have copy that is going to sell your offer then your landing page will not convert. The copy must be direct and guide the reader toward taking the action you want them to.

Lead Form Location

We highly recommend placing your lead form above the fold. You will see on the Contact Us page for ClickCallSell, you do not need to scroll down to see the lead form. It is clearly visible as soon as the page loads. 

Example of Lead Form Location

Call To Action

Your CTA should be clear and grab attention. Using a contrasting color for your CTA button helps to increase conversions by grabbing attention. You should also use words like “Get Now”, “Free Quote”, “Download Here” so that it is clear what you want them to do.

No Need For Navigation

The only purpose of your landing page is to convert visitors into leads. Anything that can possibly distract the visitor from that goal should be removed. When you got to the landing page for this blog you only were given one choice, to click the button and come here.


To review, The Perfect Landing Page needs to have a great headline, an image showing the expected result, copy that sells, a lead form above the fold, a strong CTA and no distractions from navigation options.

If you follow those simple guidelines your landing pages should convert quite well. If you need help with building a landing page, ClickCallSell can do it for you, just schedule a Free Good Fit Call now.

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