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5 Ways To Make Your Home Service Company Meetings Amazing

home service business meetings

Company Meetings Framework: Leadership and Departmental Meeting Agendas

Home service company meetings are crucial to running and scaling your business.

I bet you’re thinking… 

  • That’s great, but my meetings never seem to be productive.
  • We always start having regular meetings but they never stick.
  • I always run out of things to talk about
  • People miss the meetings, don’t show up or are always late.

Fear not! In this article we are going to give you the framework and agenda you need to run productive meetings within your organization.

How Bad Meetings Affect Your Business

Poorly executed meetings can have a negative impact on your business. 

First of all, they’re expensive. Think of a meeting you have been in where 5+ employees are sitting around accomplishing nothing. If they’re all making $25/hour, that was an expensive hour of chit chat for the business owner.

Second of all, they have a negative impact on company morale. Sitting around listening to topics that have nothing to do with you is frustrating after a while. 

home service company meetings

What Home Service Company Meetings Should You Have?

Each department of your company should have its own meeting led by the department head. 

  1. Operations manage leads all technicians meeting: Safety, speed, satisfaction, organization, etc.
  2. Office manager leads all office staff OR if only 1 office staff, owner leads.
  3. Sales manager leads all sales staff OR if only 1 sales staff, owner leads.
  4. Leadership meeting: The department heads and ownership should all have their own, weekly meeting to discuss items that affect how they work together.

Meeting Agenda

A meeting without an agenda generally turns into an hour long catchup session. I know you’ve been in one of these meetings before.

Below is a sample agenda for the meeting that my direct manager and I have 2x per week:

  • 5 Minutes – Small Talk
  • 5 Minutes – Scorecard
  • 10 Minutes – Review Past Week’s Projects
  • 10-30 Minutes – Issues
  • 30-45 Minutes – New / Upcoming Content Ideas
  • Closing – Questions & Upcoming Events

This meeting is held on Zoom and recorded so that we can go back over our discussion if needed. 

As a matter of fact I viewed the recording where we discussed the topic of this blog before beginning to write it.

How To Implement Meetings

You have to be gentle when you are implementing meetings to your company. 

We do not recommend reading this article and going in tomorrow trying to hold a meeting. 

If you are not currently holding meetings, start by bringing up the subject of meetings to your team. Tell them that you are going to start holding meetings starting in a few weeks. Give them time to digest the news and mentally prepare.

What Day & Time To Hold Your Meetings

Hold your meetings at the beginning of the week on a Monday or Tuesday. This way your team is fresh and clear headed at the meeting. By Friday everyone is mentally checked out and thinking about the weekend.

Also it is important to hold the meeting during regularly scheduled work hours. If your team usually arrives at the shop at 8 o’clock, don’t tell them they have to be in at 7:30 on meeting day. That is a surefire way to get off on the wrong foot when implementing meetings to your company.

How Often To Hold Your Meetings

It is suggested that you hold department meetings once per week. Having meetings infrequently can make it difficult to track progress and keep momentum.

A Great Resource For You

EOS is where our company gets its framework for meetings. Check out this Effective Team Meeting Guide for a more in-depth look at how to hold successful company meetings.

Comment below if you’d like more information about any of the info mentioned and we’ll respond 🙂

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