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The Perfect Google Ad [Get Results Today or Your Money Back]

The Perfect Google Ad For Home Service Businesses

The Perfect Google Ad is a free blog so you won’t get any money back but I can guarantee that by reading this you will get results!

At ClickCallSell we have written ads for and managed over 10 million dollars in ad spend between our staff and learned the recipe for creating the perfect Google ad.

We are also giving you a Free Downloadable Infographic with your purchase! 🙂

The #1 Rule is You Must Use Power Phrases

When creating the perfect Google Ad the #1 rule is to use power phrases or strong words.

A power phrase is something like: Fast!, Low Cost, Easy, #1, Guaranteed.

A power phrase helps your customer to imagine how they may feel when hiring your service business and can lead them into making that thought a reality by clicking on your ad.

Have an Offer Stronger than the Hulk!

Having a strong offer entices searchers to click on your ad. Using Google Adwords Offer Extensions is a great way to display your offer and also take up more real estate in the paid ads section of the search engine results page. 

Here are some examples of strong offers:

  • $50 OFF Any Service
  • Free Demo
  • 15% Off Installation
  • $68 Drain Cleaning
  • Free Inspection
  • Service Starting at $9

Confirm Your Service Offering & Service Area

In the Perfect Google Ad you will want to make sure you confirm the service you are offering and the service area you are targeting. 

See in the ad example below that the title clearly states the company offers AC Repair and they are in Phoenix. With one quick glance I know that this company offers the service I am searching for in the city I am in.

the perfect google ad

Have a Time Deadline (FOMO)

Make sure to include a time deadline in your Google Ad to create a sense of urgency or FOMO.

If I am searching for the best window cleaner in my area and I see that Window Butler is offering a 20% off coupon that expires at the end of the month, I am much more likely to click their ad and schedule service to avoid paying full price later.

[wpcdt-countdown id=”5351″]

You can also use Google’s new Countdown Timer feature in your ads. Using this feature in your ads will definitely make it stand out and invoke urgency from searchers.

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The Perfect Google Ad Infographic

Use Special Characters

Using special characters in your perfect Google ad are another way to make it stand out and catch searchers attention.

You can see *allowed special characters* there.

Social Proof is Mandatory

Unbounce has a great definition of social proof: “The positive influence that’s generated when people find out that “everybody’s doing it.” Building social proof into your offer in the form of testimonials, reviews or trust seals is a great way to generate interest, increase credibility and drive more conversions.”

Using Seller Rating Extensions are a great way to show social proof in your Google Ads.


There you have it, everything you need to create The Perfect Google Ad!

If you have questions about any of these things please comment below and we will respond. Promise.

If you would like to talk to a Google Ads Expert at ClickCallSell about creating and/or managing your home service Google Ads please fill out this form.

Feel free to download and share The Perfect Google Ad Infographic. Cheers!

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