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The 3 Best Online Lead Generators For Home Service Companies

lead generation home service business

Top 3: 3rd Party Online Lead Generators

3rd party online lead generators


When it comes to online lead generators home service companies have many options to choose from. There is Home Advisor, Angi, Thumbtack, Houzz and Yelp just to name a few. In this blog we are going to discuss the pros and cons of each.

Home Advisor

Home Advisor is owned by IAC, the same company that owns Angi. Here are the pros and cons of Home Advisor.


  • Some home service companies say they receive good quality leads 
  • Having your business listed on their site can be good for your websites SEO


  • Most home service companies report that the leads are of poor quality
  • Leads can be expensive and not pan out to anything
  • Their customer service is poor and uses shady sales tactics



  • There are reports of companies receiving quality leads
  • Thumbtack has an Instant Match option that allows for you to send an automatic quote 


  • You don’t see the lead price until after you accept the lead
  • Poor customer service



  • It is free to create a profile on
  • A lot of consumers trust Yelp so there is opportunity for many leads
  • You can advertise on competitors profiles


  • Competitors can advertise on your profile
  • Yelp has incredibly pushy sales staff according to this reddit board
  • They have been known to hide your good reviews if you are not paying them

Things to consider when paying for 3rd party leads

One thing to know about paying for 3rd party leads is usually that company is selling those leads to more than one contractor. That makes responding to those leads quickly of the utmost importance!

Another is that these companies are known for pushy sales tactics, so be prepared to have some tough phone calls.

When you are paying for leads no matter where they come from it boils down to your customer acquisition cost. If you are using one of these services and the CAC works for your business then keep at it, if not then it’s time to let them go.

Making data driven decisions is ALWAYS the answer to anything in your business.

Comment below if you’d like more information about any of the metrics mentioned and we’ll respond 🙂

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