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ResponsiBid: How To Escape Your Chaotic Sales Process

It Pays To Use ResponsiBid

Service professionals often strive to provide a world-class customer experience, however, there are several hurdles when it comes to choosing a technology partner to help automate while enhancing the sales process.

We understand how unproductive and unprofitable driving around quoting jobs all day, only to forget which leads still had to be followed up, which customers still needed a quote and when to schedule a customer after accepting a bid. All these manual and mundane tasks cut into profit margins and in some cases decrease the quality of the buyers’ journey. We firmly believe that many of these administrative duties, while important, can be completed by leveraging the right technology that optimizes the scheduling process, provides a higher average ticket price, and relying on automation to stay top of mind.

ResponsiBid is a win-win solution for your business and your clients. That’s why hundreds of service providers trust ResponsiBid to save them countless hours with our proven sales system that quotes instantly, follows up automatically, and closes deals for you. In fact, hundreds of users convert thousands of customers and transact millions in sales each month with ResponsiBid. 

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Quote Instantly with ResponsiBid

Quote instantly. Maintain a strong reputation for your existing and new customers by providing them instant and accurate quotes. ResponsiBid provides you the capability to quote instantly online and in person while drastically increasing your average ticket price. Our bidding calculator lets you instantly generate a quote online or in the field. This will eliminate common human errors due to miscalculations or forgotten questions in quoting. In addition, customers can visit your website and get a bid at their convenience.

Get Your Customers to Upsell Themselves

Upsell and eliminate that persona that you are a pushy or aggressive salesperson when presenting a bid to a customer. Customers will willingly upsell themselves when they see how much they’ll save using our bundling feature that automatically combines your offerings to show customers the value of scheduling multiple services at once. Save money and time by doing fewer in-person bids and eliminating having to hire another salesperson. Let ResponsiBid upsell your services for you! 

Schedule Effortlessly with CrewCal

Scheduling can be a nightmare, but only if you let it. Using ResponsiBid’s advanced scheduling technology, CrewCal, will suggest optimal times for you or your technicians based on customer location, service type or crew talent. You’ll be delighting your existing customers and growing your business simultaneously. ResponsiBid’s ability to schedule intelligently eliminates the need for wasted trips, or sub-optimal drive time and in today’s economy, efficiency is the key to maintain margins at scale.

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Follow Up On Your Quotes Flawlessly

Automate follow-up, once a bid is generated, ResponsiBid nurtures your leads and that lead is automatically added to the sales funnel.  Now your customer will receive text/email notifications regarding their appointment and will even be reminded when they are due for service. Staying top of mind will help you maintain professional and impressive relationships with your customers. 

Stop Struggling And Try ResponsiBid Today

Stop struggling unnecessarily because of your current sales process. We’ve created a solution. You can’t expect long-term success or a healthy work-life balance when you’re using an outdated sales process.

Choosing ResponsiBid will enable growth by converting more customers, increasing average ticket price via our Professional Good, Better, Best Pricing Method and enhancing your customer experience all at scale. We help established providers expand margins, and solo operators achieve excellence. We want your business to dominate, but for many, their current sales process is stunting their growth all while feeling burnt out. 

Seeing the immense impact and great potential ResponsiBid delivers to the service industry, there’s no better time to start than today. Let ResponsiBid relieve you of these unnecessary tasks and ensure each of your customers are taken care of. Your customers deserve a world-class customer experience, an instant and professional buying process; your competitors are already automating, your reputation can’t afford to let another lead go to a competitor and most importantly, get more time back in your day for the things and people you love! 



Julia Burton
Success Coach, Social Media Manager

“Too many home service providers struggle unnecessarily because of their sales process. We created an automatic system to help them quote instantly, follow up automatically, and close more deals.”
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