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Is Home Service SEO Dead? Local SEO vs. On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO

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Is Home Service SEO Dead? Local SEO vs. On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO

The age old question remains…. Is home service SEO dead? 

The answer is no it is not. Home service search engine optimization is a very important part of your digital marketing funnel.

In this article we will discuss the three different types of SEO:

  • Local SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

According to an article by SEO genius Neil Patel, there are roughly 5.6 Billion searches per day on Google. 

Understanding the difference between Local SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO will help you to position your website better to get more leads for your business.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google according to this article by MailChimp. 

This is the most important type of SEO for a home service business in my opinion.

Google uses the proximity of the user when generating the search engine results page for a localized search. 

When a user searches for something like “Window Cleaning in Ahwatukee, Arizona”, Google uses the location of the device and populates the best results for that search.

home service SEO

As you can see there are generally 3 results that come up referred to by digital marketers as the “Map Pack”. 

My best advice for getting your business to show in the map pack is to have a lot of positive reviews on Google and an up to date Google My Business profile. 

See how South Mountain Window Cleaning has 442 reviews? Users are probably going to click on their business compared to the others. 
Having positive reviews helps to build trust with potential leads according to Sid Graef in this article he wrote for NiceJob.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO refers to the SEO being done on your website itself. 

On-Page SEO is made up of factors such as optimizing your title tags, using keywords properly in your content and internal links. 
On-page SEO tells Google what your website is about. The cool thing about it is that you have the control over what you want website visitors to see. In our Ultimate Home Service Keyword Guide and Understanding Keyword Intent, we discuss how certain keywords and search queries fall into your sales funnel. Providing links to references as you see we do in this article is a prime example of On-Page SEO. You can learn more about on-page SEO in HubSpot’s Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO mainly revolves around backlinks

A backlink is when another site links back to yours. You will see many examples of backlinks in this article, like I did in the opening sentence of this section. 

When your site is linked back to it shows Google that your website is relevant and trustworthy. If another website writing an article about home service SEO links back to this article, Google sees this article as relevant and it will help our position in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Another part of Off-Page SEO are Brand Mentions. 
Brand Mentions refer to anytime your brand is mentioned on the internet. Social media is extremely powerful when it comes to this. If someone asks on a forum who the best company to build their new home service website is, and ClickCallSell is tagged several times, that helps Google to know we are popular and ultimately helps our search rankings.


Do you see why SEO is still very important for your home service business? 

When done correctly SEO can bring you low cost leads for years to come. 

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Click Call Sell is a digital marketing company focusing solely on the home services. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a Good Fit call anytime. Cheers!

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