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Our 5 Favorite Pressure Washing Marketing Tactics

Our 5 Favorite Pressure Washing Marketing Tactics

Our 5 Favorite Pressure Washing Marketing Tactics

Are you wondering what the best pressure washing marketing tactics are? 

From someone who has started 2 separate pressure washing companies from the ground up on small budgets, I am going to walk you through the pressure washing marketing tactics that I used to go from being unknown in a market to being the #1 pressure washing business in my area within a year.

Social Media Marketing For Your Pressure Washing Business

We all know that social media is a powerful tool. I used social media marketing, or SMM, to grow my first window cleaning and pressure washing business, South Mountain Window Cleaning, into a community favorite to the point I was able to sell within 2 years.

Here is how I did it…

Join your local community Facebook groups and be extremely active in them. Now you don’t want to just be promoting your pressure washing business all the time but also adding value to the group and participating in conversations that are going on. 

On top of that, be creative when you post about your business. Don’t just post things like “pressure washing sale” but rather when you are working at a local establishment post a simple photo, like the one below, of you out doing your work with the business in the background.

Image from South Mountain Window Cleaning

Using Yard Signs and Flyers To Market Your Pressure Washing Business

Yard signs and flyers are one of the mainstays in pressure washing marketing strategies. They are generally inexpensive, allow you to hit your exact target market for pressure washing, and you can deliver them yourself saving money as you are first getting started.

The 3 key components to a good yard sign or flyer are: Service, Phone Number, and Logo / Company Name. Below is a good example of a pressure washing yard sign.

Precision Pro Wash Yard Sign Design

Do you see how simple and to the point these yard signs are? You can purchase yard signs cheaply online from companies like UZ Marketing.

Have a World-Class Pressure Washing Website

When potential customers search for your business online after they have clicked the link you shared on Facebook or seen your yard sign you want to be able to send them to a world-class website.

Hiring a pressure washing website designer is one of the best pressure washing marketing investments that you can make early on in your business. Think about your experience. I am going to show you 2 pressure washing websites below and you let me know which company you would hire:

DeMark’s Pressure Washing Website
pressure washing marketing
Other Pressure Washing Website

These two power washing companies may do the exact same quality of work, have the same power washing equipment, and even the same prices but a client would most likely choose DeMark’s Pressure Washing because they invested in a professionally designed pressure washing website.

Networking For Your Pressure Washing Company

Networking doesn’t always mean that you are inviting your friends over for an essential oils party (LOL). The definition of networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting.

When I moved to Arizona to start South Mountain Window Cleaning, networking gave me the boost I needed to get to become known in the community I was serving.

One day I was cold calling a strip mall trying to get route work when I was invited to a networking group, LeTip. Through that networking group I was able to market my pressure washing company to other like minded business owners in the area that would tell their clients, friends and family about my business and help to grow my business.

Review Marketing For Your Pressure Washing Business

Each of these pressure washing marketing tactics is of almost equal importance but I went hard on getting Google Reviews for my business and it paid off big time.

The tactic I used at first to get reviews was simply asking each customer for a review and offering them a discount or something in exchange. I did later find out that this is against Google’s policies so maybe don’t do that.

Later on when business was going well I was able to pay for the software NiceJob and my reviews skyrocketed. When I sold that company I had over 400 Google reviews that I amassed in just 2 years!

Takeaways From These Marketing Tactics

There are many pressure washing marketing tactics that you can use for your pressure washing business. The ones discussed in this article are tried and true.

ClickCallSell is a home service marketing company that works with over 100 pressure washing companies currently. We know the pressure washing market like the back of our hand. 

If we can be of any assistance to you with your Website Design, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing or Business Coaching please feel free to schedule a free consultation by filling out the Contact Us form on our website.

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